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Say It! - Digital Lips - Office Edition

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Empresas Entretenimento
Developer: The Directors Bureau Applications
2.99 USD

***AS SEEN ON TV!***

Having trouble getting the words out?

With Say It!™ we do the work for you!

Want to tell your boss off, get flirty at the bar, break up with your boyfriend / girlfriend, or say "I Love you" for the first time?

Open the application and select your lips: either MALE, FEMALE, LIGHT skin, or DARK skin.

CHOOSE A LINE from the list, shake the phone, HOLD IT UP TO YOUR MOUTH and the phone will do the rest!

The Office Edition INCLUDES OVER 50 PHRASES!

-"Now that youre up from your nap I can inform you, youre fired!"

-"Due to the current economy, we have to make some cut backs. Im sorry youre fired."

-"We have a policy about screwing around with employees. Youre fired!"

Inappropriate behavior:
-"This is a business, NOT WOODSTOCK, put on some shoes!"

-"While I know looking like Jack White might be cool, smelling like him isn’t. Go home and take a shower!"

-"This is an office not a strip club. Go change!"

-"This is an office, not a frat house! Put on a tie."

-"Open a window. This is a big meeting and it smells like fart!"

-"Sexual harassment is still inappropriate in the workplace. Please stop."

-"Your office smells like a bar."

-"I am sick and tired of your BS!"

-"Youre as crooked as Lombard Street!"

-"You dont pay me enough!"

-You can take this job and shove it!"

-"You are a pompous buffoon! I quit!"


"We can help you SAY IT, after that youre on your own."™

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